IMCORE stands for Innovative Management for Europe’s Changing Coastal Resource.

Funded under the Interreg IVB programme (, the €6m IMCORE project will be led by the Coastal & Marine Resources Centre in University College Cork until its end in 2011.
Are you a polititian or a practitioner at a local or regional administration? Are you concerned about the impacts of Climate Change in your coastal area?

If you want your coastal community and economy to LEARN, PREPARE and ADAPT to these coastal changes… keep an eye on this project.
National and European policy-makers, you may be interested in looking up our innovative methodologies and approaches to management.

We will assess these using case studies so you can see for yourself what works at a local level, and how to integrate these learnings into your national strategies, policies and practice for ADAPTATION to CLIMATE CHANGE in coastal areas.
Interested in knowing what is happening at a local level?

A number of activities will be happening at the nine expert couplet sites (Cork, Donegal, Durham, Aberdeen, Cardiff, East England, Belgium, Gulf of Morbhian and Sefton). To know more please contact our Expert couplets.
adaptation to climate change in coastal areas
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