A PRESSING ISSUE: How can the coastal areas of North West Europe best be adapted to climate change?

We need to increase our capacity to respond to the Ecological, Social and Economic impacts of climate on the viability of coastal sectors such as fisheries and aquaculture, ports and shipping, marine recreation, and the defence of coastal  communities from flooding and erosion. 

To date, most attention has been focused on predicting the types and rates of change likely to occur but what is needed now is a method to identify the adaptation measures that need to be applied to coastal use and management.

This project aims to address this by developing a methodology and templates to aid Coastal Managers across NW Europe in developing the required adaptive strategies.

A CLEAR OBJECTIVE: Innovative management to adapt coastal areas to Climate Change

The IMCORE partnership will promote a trans-national, innovative and sustainable approach to reducing the Ecological, Social and Economic impacts of climate change on the coastal resources of North West Europe.