A UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP: EXPERT COUPLETS  of researchers and policy –makers will test innovative ways to address coastal climate change to see what works best

Because of the innovative approach of this project, scientists and practitioners involved in coastal management from Ireland, the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands will be working together as expert couplets. This is how local government authorities and research groups will work together to identify the key processes that lead to the socio-economic consequences of climate change of their local area, supported by a network of trans-national cooperation. Ways to address these consequences will be tested in real projects.

LOOKING FORWARD IN A DIFFERENT WAY: Visualising and developing management strategies to adapt to climate change

While couplets are developing various activities  at a local level, a variety of innovative approaches, methods and tools will be researched, identified and developed by partners to demonstrate how they can be effective and useful to coastal managers and decision makers who need to visualise the future and plan how to respond to the changes happening on their coasts. For this purpose, adaptive management strategies will be developed, implemented and evaluated at each of the 9 couplet locations (see the section: WHERE IS IT HAPPENING).

LEARNING TO ADAPT TO CLIMATE CHANGE: The multiplying and long lasting effect of IMCORE

Coastal managers and policy makers from across NW Europe will be mentored and assisted to plan responses to climate change scenarios through training of trainers and a multimedia online learning tool. This  will include a variety of tested and evaluated tools, methods and approaches, examples of adaptive management strategies and guidelines. The regional viability of our coastal communities and sectors will be improved by developing common decision support tools and techniques for future planning.